Terri Lykins, RD, LD
Terri Lykins, RD, LD
is a registered, licensed dietitian with 20 years of experience and available for personal coaching at the Louisville Pharmacy (502) 894-4464.

Break free from the Strongholds,
feed your hunger with Soul Food

An apple is better than a doughnut. Duh! It isn’t a lack of nutrition knowledge that sabotages us, it is our SOUL HUNGER….Soul Food is a guide to Transformational Freedom combining Good Nutrition with Christian Principles to break free from strongholds and mental pathways that keep you chained to destructive eating behaviors and cravings.

What people are saying about Soul Food:

“With each new diet, I would lose weight, but soon found myself back in the same rut because I never learned how to deal with the emotional or spiritual side of it. Soul Food has helped me to develop a way of living that allows me to control my feelings and thoughts toward food, and be content in God instead of eating for emotional release!” -Donna D.

Soul Food helped me to see how I have used food to try to fill a void within. Through Soul Food I have learned to recognize strongholds, they are falling away, and I am becoming free. I have already lost ten pounds in the last two months!” -Teresa B.

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Soul Food: A Dietitian's Guide to Nutritional Transformation

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